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For more details please feel free to contact us on 052-166-0280 and 04 2578184 (AL Nahda), (+97152) 166-0276, 166-0277 (Al Karama).

At Sip Summer Camp every day is a new adventure. Our camp program is based on an 8 week running session with flexibility i. e you can choose to attend camp for the full 8 weeks or a minimum of 4 weeks between July and August. For ages 4 to 15, Sip Offers an extraordinary range of premier Art and Craft, Abacus, Handwriting, Music, Math and Sublime Science, Dance, Chess, Swimming, Bowling, Brain Gym and Zumba activities to appeal to the interests and abilities of all campers. Throughout the summer, campers have daily opportunities to play, learn and have incredible amounts of FUN.

At SIP experienced and caring mentors are constantly encouraging campers and building their self- esteem through well rounded supervised activities. Sip day campers make friends and discover opportunities for belonging in our camp community. Children learn best through their experiences at camp while developing the emotional and social skills that complement their intellectual abilities. Discovery, Exploration, Active participation and respect for others are the main key elements of SIP Academy. Our staff members go through rigorous training to ensure we are providing children with safe, positive experiences that build confidence, lifelong memories and a feeling of community that will last beyond the summer. Camp exposes kids to different cultures and ideas.


There are many kids who love the idea of summer camp and feel no need to ask the question “why summer camp?” They might want to go to a camp because a friend or friends are planning to go, or they may want to attend a specific summer camp because it offers a program or specialization that strongly appeals to them. However, there may be some cases where kids – and even parents – ask the question “why go to summer camp?” Mothers or fathers might feel too strongly about extra summer time with their children while kids might simply want to stay home. We could tell you that summer camp is good for you or that kids today need the benefit of time in nature than ever before.

Our multi-activity SUMMER DAY CAMPS offer an outstanding quality childcare and have been designed to maximize learning opportunities through play in a positive, fun and supportive environment, where children develop:

  • Teamwork,
  • Communication, 
  • Co-operation, 
  • Creative thinking, 
  • Physical skills, 
  • Self-reliance, 
  • Fair play
  • Self Confidence
  • Social Skills

Summer Camp-2018 will start from last week of June-2018. Limited Seats Available.

Art and Crafts

Art & Crafts course allows children to find their creative niche. Children will be exposed to different art workshops like basic sketching, charcoal painting, abstract painting, water-color painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, basic clay modeling, Terracotta modeling and 3d Art. Furthermore, children will enjoy art at the same time learn valuable skills that they can apply to their daily lives.

Summer Camps Dubai 2017

This summer, experience the sheer joy of creating and appreciating art with Summer Camp 2018. Explore different eras and styles of art, learn creative writing skills, discover abstract patterns and optical illusions, recreate the genius of famous painters, create unique clay forms and have fun with origami, crafts and printmaking.

Weekly themes and artist-based days will keep the fun and excitement rolling, as children discover their own potential and develop new artistic skills and techniques. The camp offers a holistic and enriching experience for all.

Music Classes

Summer Camps Dubai 2017

Music Classes provides beginners, intermediate and even advanced players with instruction that is comprehensive and focused. Students learn theoretical tools and practical skills to heighten the enjoyment of music and enable them to compose short pieces.

At the Summer Camp, the instructional focus will be on developing the student as an overall musician and building good technique.  Students will receive instruction in music theory, keyboard literature, observe the instruments, have regular practice time.  The camp will conclude with a recital which all students will be able to understand Music and perform.

Dance Classes

Dance Classes offers classes taught by a professional teaching faculty. While the objective is to train a lifelong dancer, individual goals range from health maintenance, improvement of self-esteem and social skills development. Classes include a variety of dance forms and are open to students of all needs and levels.

Its time to get your kids active doing something they love! Summer Camp Dance Classes give an opportunity to learn new techniques and moves. There will also be a different theme for every class. Also, at the end of the camp there will be a dance show to show their talent.

Personality Development Program

Personality Development Program develops the stability of emotions in a child. It also enhances their memory, concentration, develops logical thinking and builds their confidence level. Overall development of the personality of a child is very crucial to have a stress free life. Personality development among child and adolescents decides the future adults.

Our Summer Camp Public Speaking Classes focuses on all behavioral and emotional aspects of a child and modifies them by appropriate and suitable skills training. It develops confidence and the knowledge about public speaking.

Maths Course

Maths Course is designed to develop Mathematical Skills, Mental Ability, Calculation Speed, Mathematical Aptitudes, Scientific Knowledge, Logical & Reasoning Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Critical Accuracy of a child and Application of Short-cut methods. Course prepares students for future competitive exams while they are studying in schools to take early lead.

These courses focus strongly on development of Intelligent Quotient (IQ), competitive Quotient (CQ) Emotional Quotient (EQ) So that each student achieve success in schools exams as well as success in various Olympiads & Talent Examinations.

Our Summer Camp Fun Maths Course will help children to learn shortcut techniques of math, logical reasoning test tips and develops their Understanding and Application skills.

Abacus and Brain Gym program

Abacus and Brain Gym program is a system of education that maximizes the potential of the child’s brain. The process of learning abacus methodology is known as Mental Arithmetic. Working on abacus optimizes and integrates the functions of the left and the right brain during the early years.

Our Summer Camp Abacus and Brain Gym Classes encourage the use of left and the right brain, improves Memory, Concentration, Visualization and Logical Understanding.

Chess Classes

Chess Classes are a valuable educational tool that helps teach children the important lessons including problem solving, critical thinking, sportsmanship, patience and goal setting.

Summer Camp Chess Classes are the perfect way to introduce the game of chess to new students, deepen understanding of the game for established players by emphasizing the fundamental skills needed to begin a lifetime of learning in chess.

Summer Camp 2018 gives an opportunity to students meet people from multicultural backgrounds,

improve their skills and develop open mindedness. Our program supports classroom education with learning delivered through high energy activity experiences. Mind Builder is a safe and learning-focused work space for young children. Students will be trained by our talented, energetic, experienced staff, and build valuable life and career skills.

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