All of us want our children to achieve greatness in their life. It is essential to know that the children at an early age have a sharpen brain power. There are many problems that abacus encounter of the children, such as emotionally, intellectually, physically, and more. Also, many children are not clever in terms of calculation -which pulls their confidence level down. However, at SIP Talented Children Development Center, we assist the children to remove all of their queries and come up with incredible calculation skills.

About Abacus and Brain Gym

Abacus and Brain Gym is a program we offer for young pupils. It helps them learn mathematical concepts at an early age that they can apply in the future. By the time they get to school, our pupils will be well versed in mathematical concepts that understanding other fundamentals would become very easy for them.

Why the Abacus Course is important?

Abacus lays the groundwork for students to form the basis for future scientific studies. Since mathematics deals with logic, Abacus learning services teaches them to think rationally, which is a skill that helps them excel in other scientific endeavors as well. By learning to process information and understand problems, they can better come up with the required solutions.


A Solid Platform
for Mathematics

Children don’t like any subject if they feel like they are only being fed hard facts and rules. The core basis of the Abacus course is to make mathematics a fun exercise. It motivates children to take on challenging tasks. With fun games and puzzles, it gives them a sense of accomplishment every time they finish a task. It puts them in a frame of mind that allows them to be receptive to new information


Learn to Use the Right Part
of the Brain

Abacus is a scientifically researched course that allows children to use the creative part of their brain. Through Abacus, they learn to activate the right portions that allow them to receive and process new information and arrange it in a way that it works as groundwork for other future knowledge.


Develops Logical

The whole basis of mathematics is logic and reasoning. By enrolling in the Abacus program, students are able to rely on logic and rationality almost impulsively. This habit carries into other scientific subjects as well giving them the mental tools they need to excel and thrive.



Researchers of Decker Avenue School, California analyzed the effects of abacus training on children in a classroom. They found that the students who received abacus training had significantly improved levels of concentration. .


Visualisation and Memory

Since Abacus course is more about the state of mind, it affects all faculties of a child’s brain. It does not only teach them about the basics of mathematics but it also improves other brain functions such as visualisation, memory and information processes. Based on research, early mathematics courses have shown the effect of promoting better brain growth and ensuring a lower level of stress during schooling years.



Brain Gym training or exercises help students learn by invigorating the information flow within the brain. These help in removing mental blocks through whole brain training in Dubai and enhance the flow of communication. The program designed by Dr. Paul Dennison has 11 levels of learning spread across 3 courses. Brain gym consists of particular exercises of energizing the brain, thus helping students improve balance, focus and attentiveness, and standing posture. It also helps improve writing skills, drawing, and vocabulary. According to a research, a child can perform better in all their daily assignments when he has confidence and self-esteem.

Different Levels of Abacus Course

Abacus has proven to improve the mental strength of young children up to 5 times better. Our program is crafted so as to teach children to understand mathematical concepts without external assistance. It is focused on triggering the parts of the brain that are linked with independent and logical thinking. So the benefits that Abacus training services in Dubai provides go well beyond just the subject of mathematics.

Foundation Course

  • Comprises of four levels (Level 1 to 4)
  • Basic concepts of Abacus and mental arithmetic.
  • Primary Brain Gym exercises.

Advanced Course

  • Comprises of four levels (Level 1 to 4).
  • From simple to complex calculations involving a longer duration of visualization.
  • Variations to the primary Brain Gym Exercises

Grand Master Course

  • Comprises of three levels (GM A, B & C)
  • Advanced mental arithmetic problems.

Frequently Ask Questions

We understand that a child loves to play and learns better if taught in a playful way. Our Abacus class for kids is designed to retain in view beyond. Therefore, our Brain gym course assures the overall growth of a kid at a childhood age without producing any pressure. It improves its numerical and arithmetic abilities. It also develops the confidence level of a kid by emerging skills such as concentration, logical reasoning, listening, photographic memory, visualization, and recall.

Abacus course for kids is created to improve their numerical and arithmetic abilities by enhancing their listening abilities. Also, their strength to make rational calculations with efficiency. It continues to their interest and level of confidence in maths. Obviously, it leads to excellent performance in the matter.

Kids among the age of 4 to 10 are likely to register.


SIP Academy is accredited worldwide including China, India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, and many other countries. There are so many path breaking programs such as the Photography & Music Genius, Abacus and Brain Tune program, the Creative Art & Craft program, and Smart Learning Techniques (SLT).

Highlights of the Abacus & Brain Gym Course

• The Abacus and Brain Gym course is designed by a Mr. Kelvin Tham, a certified trainer for Abacus (by China Abacus Association) and International Instructor and facilitator of Brain Gym (by Educational Kinesiology foundation).
• An only global program that combines Brain Gym and Abacus techniques for the development of the whole brain.
• 29 days of exhaustive training for instructors followed by up-gradation sessions.

We identify talent

 From a very early age

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