For children, brain growth is the most important thing that cannot be ignored. Kids should be able to instill creativity from the very beginning of their lives. However, they do not get enough opportunities and they seem to be too confused while working on problems. The most important thing is that exercising both sides of the brain as a result of which creativity can be sparked. Also, memory and reading improvement are the two things that children struggle with the most.

About Chess

To promote a proper brain development of children, Chess can play a monumental role. Learning chess game, unlike most other games, encourages children to think ahead, strategize and anticipate the opposition’s move. It ingrains in the need to have foresight. It not only teaches them to plan ahead but also prepare for any unforeseen event that was not available to them at the time when they set up their plan. From teaching them how to think on their feet to implement their plans, Chess performs all the functions that exercise the brain and instills in children the need to understand, analyze and plan. SIP Academy offers three kinds of courses to enhance your child’s thinking processes:

Different Levels of Chess Classes

Beginner (Volume 1):

The beginner course teaches children the basic ground rule of Chess. It teaches them the function of each of the pieces, the way they move and basic strategies. The core of this course is designed to teach them the rules and motivate them to explore Chess more. They can challenge each other and learn to develop their own strategies and moves. The beginner course offers an easy environment where children can learn, play and have fun.

Tournament Players (Volume 2):

After going through the beginner course, we offer children the Tournament Players course. This course walks the children through the middle and end game. They are taught how to take the game to the middle game and still maintain focus. Tactics, planning and strategies are customised to suit a particular game. It offers a slightly more challenging environment but maintains the ability of children to feel free and have fun. Volume 2 of our chess classes for kids also prepares them for a tournament environment so they grow used to performing under a bit of pressure.

Duration of Chess Lesson:

The children chess class is specifically designed to not bough the children down as that could dissuade them from taking up Chess. To this end, our course divides the course over a period of months so they can learn at their own pace and solidify the basics. As of yet, children take 3 months to complete Volume 1. It entails offering 4 hours of lessons. 2 hours are given to the theoretical side of Chess while the other two on practical.

Why the Chess Course is important?

SIP Comprehensive CHESS programs not only teaches kids to play Chess, but also prepares them for real life by enhancing their thought process.

Kids participating in our program:

  • Promotes brain growth
  • Exercises both sides of the brain
  • Improves IQ
  • Sparks creativity
  • Increases problem-solving skills
  • Teaches planning and foresight
  • Improves reading skills
  • Optimizes memory improvement

Frequently Ask Questions

As early as possible. Around 5 years old could be a good choice.

It can sharpen your child’s brain, and assist him to concentrate on the things in a more meaningful way.

In SIP, we have the skillful teachers that belong to an enormous successful experience. We prioritize each of our students and pay close attention to them.


SIP Academy is accredited worldwide including China, India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, and many other countries. There are so many path breaking programs such as the Photography & Music Genius, Abacus and Brain Tune program, the Creative Art & Craft program, and Smart Learning Techniques (SLT).

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