Mathematics has always been a problem for children no matter what age they are in. This is all because they do not have the right methodology to solve complex problems. The disinterest in mathematics is because of the fact that students are not very much comfortable in solving the problems.

About IPM Course and Exam Details

At SIP Academy, IPM course is crafted to help students solve complex mathematical problems. Whether it’s huge sums or complex division problems, this course teaches pupils to understand the given problem and find the right methodology to solve it. We walk them through a number of possible methods using which they do not only understand the mathematics function itself but also its’ real-life applications. With a simple course, students can even learn to solve a lot of math problems in their heads without ever needing a calculator.

Different Levels of IPM Course and Exam Details

The IPM examination gives students the ability to master mathematical skills, brain ability and increase the speed of mathematical calculation. Our course gives students the exercises and puzzles that help them think of mathematics as a fun exercise rather than as a rigid and boring subject.

Why the IPM Course and Exam Details is important?

The benefits of IPM Course include:

  • Critical Accuracy of a child
  • Build up Application of Shortcut methods
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Mental Ability
  • Calculation Speed
  • Mathematical Aptitudes
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Logical & Reasoning Skills and
  • Problem Solving Skills

Frequently Ask Questions

Mathematical problems are hard to solve for the students, but not anymore thanks to IPM course. Children can understand the problem given and solve it using an appropriate methodology.

There are various methods through which functions of mathematics can be understood. One of the methods for solving math-related problems is through IPM. Students can come across solutions to mathematics problems and do not need a calculator to solve them.


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