Frequently Ask Questions

Language Skill Improvement Classes

Here at SIP Academy, we offer multiple languages which include Arabic, Hindi, and French, according to the student’s academic pre-requisites.

Besides that, we also offer a curriculum training session for adults according to their classes.

Music Classes

You can fill the form online or visit our institute to register the form.

There are three musical levels, such as

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Maths and Science Exam Preparation

It assists to make them not only for exam purpose, but also a professional life too.

We guide the method to obtain, store and examine this information. Therefore, they can apply it efficiently.

In order to brighten the skills, maths games for children courses are beneficial for children. Thus, it is a way to engage students in the completion to perform better and give them an incentive for the same. Thus, they can succeed in every platform, including KVPY, Olympiads, and NTSE along with others.

Chess Course

As early as possible. Around 5 years old could be a good choice.

It can sharpen your child’s brain, and assist him to concentrate on the things in a more meaningful way.

In SIP, we have the skillful teachers that belong to an enormous successful experience. We prioritize each of our students and pay close attention to them.

Art and Crafts

Don't worry, we love newcomers! At SIP, we focus on the training staff to be completely knowledgeable in all areas. SIP is always welcoming to members, no matter the craft. Our team is entirely trained to teach step-by-step guidance to fully perform a project.

Our floor hours are as follows: Sunday – 09:00 to 18:00 Monday – 09:00 to 18:00 Tuesday – 09:00 to 18:00 Wednesday – 09:00 to 18:00 Thursday – 09:00 to 18:00 Friday – Closed Saturday – Closed

We want your kid to be a minimum of 4 years old.

Handwriting Improvement

To those interested in hand writing improvement, students of the age group 5 years and above, can benefit from the course.

Some of the benefits of hand writing improvement course are as follows

  • Excellent for special need, including dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism
  • Everyone can improve their joined-up handwriting.
  • Improve your life by improving your handwriting.
  • Good handwriting boosts self-confidence
  • Good handwriting improves communication and gains higher scores in exams
  • Impresses teachers as evaluation becomes easier

Handwriting is a core skill that affects not only your child’s writing skills but thinking pattern as well. Even though most people think with images, to share their vision and ideas with others, they need to be able to find the right words and expressions quickly.

Math and Science Olympiad

Olympiad develops the child’s confidence level as well as enhance their problem-solving skills.

We believe that the care of your child is our priority. Our teachers can assist your child in every single stage of our courses to make him completely prepare to showcase his skills.

Dance Classes

Yes, our dance classes are planned so that your child can drop-in and start whenever he'd like. All you have to do is simply register online or fill a form at the studio.

Being comfortable and easy is very essential whenever it comes to dancing. You can choose the clothing by yourself that will be comforting for your child.

Communication Skills

It is a fact that to the overall positive personality development, the children's success is not only limited to the school but by teaching further life skills. SIP believes that communicating skills are one of the best and most effective ways to assist a kid to succeed in his/her life.

Yes, as early as they'll start as soon as they'll build their confidence level higher

Abacus Course

We understand that a child loves to play and learns better if taught in a playful way. Our Abacus class for kids is designed to retain in view beyond. Therefore, our Brain gym course assures the overall growth of a kid at a childhood age without producing any pressure. It improves its numerical and arithmetic abilities. It also develops the confidence level of a kid by emerging skills such as concentration, logical reasoning, listening, photographic memory, visualization, and recall.

Abacus course for kids is created to improve their numerical and arithmetic abilities by enhancing their listening abilities. Also, their strength to make rational calculations with efficiency. It continues to their interest and level of confidence in maths. Obviously, it leads to excellent performance in the matter.

Kids among the age of 4 to 10 are likely to register.

Dj Classes

Since 1960, the entertainment industry has seen the rise of DJ-ing. Since then, the technology itself has advanced in a significant manner. It is a form of art which has been on the rise since then.

Once the session ends, the students will be at ease while using the tools and skills of the DJ. At the end of the course, the students will have knowledge about how to mix their own songs. For more details, contact us on the website and have a chat with us.

DJ-ing is creative as well as technical and also something that can be adapted as an enjoyable hobby. If one dedicates, this amazing talent can offer rewards and promise.

Swimming Classes

No, you don’t have to eat heavy food before coming to a swimming class. However, you can eat light weighted fruits.

You can simply fill out an online form or visit our institute for registration.

IPM Course and Exam

Mathematical problems are hard to solve for the students, but not anymore thanks to IPM course. Children can understand the problem given and solve it using an appropriate methodology.

There are various methods through which functions of mathematics can be understood. One of the methods for solving math-related problems is through IPM. Students can come across solutions to mathematics problems and do not need a calculator to solve them.